Take the guesswork out of great designs

No more bad designs. Designie analyses visual components to search for typography, colour, and composition errors and provide you with improvements in one click.

Free design assistant that removes design pitfalls

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“My social media
designs look off”

The design does not resemble what I had in mind, but I can’t tell what went wrong.

“My final design looks different from the template
I started with”

I started off with a great template; but once I finished customising and adding my content it looks strange.

Designie tells you why.

Learn what went wrong with out AI-powered design assistant. Instant diagnosis based on objective and professional graphic design principles.
How it works


Upload your design in SVG file. Take a sip of coffee and Designie will handle the rest.


Take the guesswork out of great designs. Designie works as a second pair of eyes to evaluate your design using our proprietary AI-powered design assistant, such as composition, contrast, font choice, readability and so much more.


Instantly modify your design based on Designie’s real-time suggestions, so your design will be effective, aesthetic and compelling every single time.


Learn how your design is likely to feel to viewers as Designie identify signals that contributes to the overall mood, including font choice, color combination, and composition.

Make design knowledge
accessible for everyone.

Design has become a necessary skillset in communication. It is a right to create bold, compelling and meaningful designs that help the world design and communicate better.
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